- Al-Ala'a district: It is situated in the southeast corner of holy courtyard, and it is now known as Al-Mishraq district. 
- Al-Imaarah district: This district is situated in the northern part of Al-Ala'a district and at the northeast corner of the courtyard. It is the biggest district among the old Najaf. 
- Al-Huwaish district: It is also situated in the western part of Al-Imaarah district and it overtops the northwest corner of the courtyard. 
- Al-Buraq district: It is situated in the southern part of Al-Huwaish district, and is among the newest district of Najaf city. 
The new and modern residential districts of the city are: Al-Emir district, Al-Ghadeer district, As-Sa'ad district, Al-Hananah district, Al-Jadidah district, Al-Iskan district, Al-Ulama'a district, and Al-Muthna district