Al-Hawza Al-ilmyia

The Hawza of Najaf is considered the greatest and most magnificent seminary of this holy city. It was first established by the Sheikh of the [Shia] sect, who placed and set up its first cornerstones. Over the past centuries, thousands of scholars have graduated from this seminary to become masters of religion, prominent jurists, the greatest of philosophers, the most eloquent of orators, the best of expositors and linguists, and specialists in the various branches of Islamic sciences. The traces they left behind are proof enough that they are at very forefront of Islamic heritage and still remain brilliant to this very day. Pioneers of science and knowledge from countries and continents all over the world all head to Najaf to parch their thirst of knowledge from its bountiful springs. Moreover, the Hawza of the holy city of Najaf has pledged to carry a divine, celestial trust and Allah (swt) has bestowed upon this city to be the safeguard of religion, a guardian of the Islamic creed, and a supporter and defender of this trust. 

Indeed, the holy city of Najaf is considered to be an Islamic academy and a large school that gathers various Islamic sciences. Moreover, it is home to thousands of students from various parts of the world—all who seek to learn and grow by acquiring the knowledge and sciences its seminary (Al-Hawza Al-ilmiya) has to offer.  It is for this reason that so many schools have established and spread. Some of the schools are: 
-Al-Miqdad al-Siyoori  
School (also known as Al-Saleema School)
-Sheikh Mulla Abdullah School (the author of ‘Al-Hashiya fil-Mantiq’) 

-Mirza Hasan al-Shirazi School

-Al-Sadr Al-Aadham School

-Al-Bourjerdi School

-Al-Shibriya School, Al-Qawam School

-Al-Jawhari School

-Al-Irawani School

-Muhammad Amin Al-Qazwini School

-Dar-ul-Ilm School—belonging to Sayed al-Khoei (may Allah have mercy on him) and destroyed in the year 1991.

-Al-Hindi School

-Al-Shirbiyani School

-Abdul-Aziz al-Baghdadi School

-Ameerul-Mumineen School

-Hajji Hussain al-Khaleli Minor School

-Alakhond Major School

-Alakhond Middle School

-Alakhond Minor School

-Al-Bukhari School

-Dar-ul-Hikma School

-The Najaf Religious University

And many, many more.