- Imraan Bin Shaaheen Mosque

Dating back to more than one thousand years, the Imraan Bin Shaaheen Mosque is the oldest of mosques. It lies to the northern side of the holy shrine of Imam Ali and was built by Imraan Bin Shaheen al-Khafaji who was known as “Ameer Al-Betta'ih” in the south part of Iraq in the mid-fourteenth century according to the Hegira calendar. The area of the mosque measures up to almost 215 square meters. Recently, the cemeteries of Sayyid Khadhim Al-Yazdi and Sayyid Abdul-Hussein Sharaf al-Deen were attached to them.

-Al-Khadra Mosque

This mosque is located where the northern and the eastern outer walls of the holy shrine meet. There are many assumptions that have been made regarding the date it was built and why it was given the name. In the eighties of the last century, Sayyid Al-Khoei demolished the old building, building a new one in its place. The mosque has two doors: one opens into the inner courtyard of the holy shrine and the second opens onto the  surrounding outer street on the eastern side of the brick wall. It has a door and a window which open into the cemetery where Sayyid Al-Khoei and his sons are buried. The area of the mosque measures 166 square meters. The place has been used as a place for lectures and congregational prayers.

- Abu Talib Ruwaq ( Arcade )[1]

This arcade is situated in the area adjoining the western arcade of the holy shrine. It reaches the western brick wall and its area measures 1200 m2 , making it able to accommodate more than 2000 worshippers in prayer. The arcade was constructed after the demolition of the Sabat (an archway) which had been previously used as a Maqam. It has five doors which open onto the other arcades that lead to the mausoleum. The Ruwaq was launched on the 13th of Rajab in the year 1432 AH. on the birth anniversary of Imam Ali. 

-Al-Rass ( Head )Mosque

The mosque lies to the western side of the holy shrine, and it was named according to its location as it is located directly opposite the spot where the head of the Imam is buried. The mosque was built at the time when the Shah, Abbas al-Safawi the first was ruling. At the present time, it is included as part of Ruwaq Abu Talib where it is segregated by a small rail so that the specified rituals for each place can be done accordingly.  

-Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq Maqam  

It is located outside the inner courtyard of the holy shrine. It is on the right of the visitor who exits the holy courtyard through Babil- Faraj[2]. It is the place where Imam Sadiq stayed [3] when he came to visit his great grandfather, the Commander of the Faithful ( peace be upon him).



[1]  The inner chamber where Imam Ali's mausoleum is surrounded by four ceiled corridors that  visitors walk through circumambulating the holy shrine. These arcades are wide enough for the visitors to pray in as well.

[2]  One of the main gates leading inside the holy shrine, each has its own name.

[3] Aqam: stayed for a while, worshiping and doing the rituals of Ziarah