the Golden Iwan

The shrine's doorway can be spotted at the eastern side of the holy shrine, as vaulted by the Golden Iwan where the main entrance leading to the inner arcades surrounding the mausoleum is. It is 42 ms long and 7.5 ms wide. It has three entryways: northern, southern and eastern. The Golden Iwan Courtyard is separated from the larger courtyard surrounding the holy shrine by an alabaster wall that is 90 cm. high, which is surmounted by a silver fence that is 75 cm. high.  The Golden Iwan stands in the middle, directly opposite the alabaster wall and covered with pure gold and fantastic Islamic decorations. The Golden Iwan is 6.10 m wide and 11 m high. Huge plaids made out of pure gold adorn the Golden Iwan. In the middle of the Golden Iwan, the main door leading to the mausoleum stands.  Directly above the main door, a sign reads the famous narration from the Messenger of Allah (pbuh): “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate.”