-The Two Golden Minarets

These two golden minarets are placed o  the sides of the Iwan where the main entrance to the holy shrine is—the doorway that opens to the shrine. Each minaret reaches 29 meters in height, taking a cylinder shape of 3meters in diameter. The higher the minarets get, the narrower in diameter they become, as they end in the balcony where the Mu’athin   calls for prayers. The upper walls of the balcony contain 12 open windows that overlook all sides. The balcony, which is 4 meters high, is surmounted by a golden lobed dome, on top of which there is a pillar that includes two gilded balls.  These are also surmounted by the gilded name of Allah. The height of this pillar along with the gilded balls and the gilded name of Allah measures 160 cm. Each minaret is glazed with rhombic copper tiles that are coated with pure gold from top to bottom. The equal sides of each tile measure 19.5 meters. The number of gilded tiles of the southern minaret were once counted to a total 2000 plates.