Nave's Arcades

The wall that surrounds the sanctum is 5.12 meters high, maintaining the same height on in mathematical and plant inscriptions. 
all four sides. Totally surrounding the shrine from all sides is an almost square arcade the eastern and western flanks of which are slightly larger than its northern and southern ones. The walls of these arcades are covered with green marble which is similar to that which covers the floor and courtyard up to a height of 2.20 meters. The rest of the parts of the walls and ceilings are glazed entirely with the most magnificent mirrors that are covered with geometric and plant inscriptions.

1. Nave's Northern Arcade: It faces the Tusi Gate. 
2. Nave's Eastern Arcade: It is the one where the main doors leading to the shrine are located: 
On one side, two gilt doors are located in the Golden Grandiose Hall, 
and on the other are the eastern golden doors that open into the sacred shrine. 
3. Sanctum's Southern Arcade: It faces Bab al-Qibla. 
4. Western Arcade: It is similar in its location to the Eastern Arcade. And was recently add to the Arcade of Abu Talib.