Library of the Hayderi Shrine

It is called library of the "Hayderi Rawda', and it is one of the most distinguished and advanced libraries in the city of Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf where there is hardly a street without a library or bookstore. 
In the past, it housed many books and manuscripts most of which were handwritten by their writers.
Kings, sultans and the like paid a great deal of attention to this library, gifting the precious manuscripts which they had to it, helping it gain fame and a great status.
Scholars, writers and famous personalities paid it attention, too, providing it with books by purchasing entire private libraries and giving them as gifts to this grand library or marking them as a trust, a gift to the Commander of the Faithful.
Throughout history, this library was given many names, including the Gharawi chest, the most famous and popular name, the Alawi chest, the shrine's chest, the chest of the Commander of the Faithful, the Alawi shrine's library Alawi, the Alawi library, the Hayderi library and finally the Hayderi Rawda (garden of knowledge)